Linquist Appraisals understands the importance of performing all tasks within the given time frame requested by our clients.  If we cannot meet your time criteria, we will let you know prior to accepting the assignment.

Turnaround Times:

The average turnaround time for a standard residential appraisal report is one to three days after inspecting the property (complex appraisal reports require more time to complete).

With our quick turnaround time and quality of work we have been able to establish strong long term working relationships with many different companies and individuals.

Accurate Appraisals:

Linquist Appraisals strives to produce high quality and accurate appraisal reports for our clients. Every appraiser working for the company has access to vast experience provided by senior appraiser and company founder, Eric Linquist, B.A. (Commerce), CRA, P.APP. Eric’s expertise in appraisals, as well as his extensive knowledge in New Home Construction and Real Estate Sales & Financing gives our clients the assurance that the appraisal reports prepared are using the most current industry information, backed with sound knowledge.

An appraiser with Linquist Appraisals will only accept work which is within their area of expertise. We rarely come across an appraisal assignment that we are unable to handle, however, if we are not confident about establishing a market value we can support, we will not accept the assignment. We make it a point to let you know immediately after reviewing your request whether or not we can accept the assignment. This allows you time to seek an alternative appraiser, if need be.

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