We always take the time and appropriate steps to satisfy your appraisal needs.

Our standard business practices include contacting you immediately upon receiving your appraisal request and only accepting assignments that we are confident we will be able to complete and ensure we can meet your requirements, promises customer satisfaction.

The constant attention we deliver to our clients’ needs has allowed us to maintain many long-term business relationships. Continuously being dependable and reliable with our clients’ deadlines, time frames, appointments, privacy and appraisal reports has proven to be effective in gaining the trust of our customers.

Linquist Appraisals values punctuality when viewing the assigned property. We realize the value of time, and always try our best to be punctual on our property viewings.

We welcome our clients’ feedback on our work. If you have any questions or would like us to review our work, we are more than happy to do so. We strongly believe in communication and promise to listen to our clients’ concerns.

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